Follow me on my wholehearted journey as I interview leaders in health and wellness, celebrities, chefs and the people that make and grow our food to ask them about their food philosophies and to find out what actually is good for us.

Episode Eight: How to Stock a Healthy Pantry with Heidi Sze. I invite nutritionist and dietician Heidi Sze into my kitchen to help makeover my pantry and to help identify the must-have ingredient essentials for a healthy pantry.

Episode Seven: Dani Gets Down and Dirty at the Farm! After being invited to visit Farmer Robbie’s organic farm, Dani learns how to grow seasonal vegetables, the importance of healthy soil and how to manage pests without chemicals.

Episode Six: Introducing Farmer Robbie who explains how organic farming is different to conventional methods and how you can afford to eat organic food

Episode Five, Part Two: Lola Berry on Mindful Eating and the Paleo Diet Lola shares her tips on how to eat and cook mindfully and why not one diet suits everyone. Plus her tips on how to live a wholehearted life!

Episode Five, Part One: Lola Berry’s Simple Yoga Poses I catch up with the inspirational Lola Berry to learn some simple yoga poses that most people could benefit from doing everyday and are perfect if you are short of time.

Episode Four: How to make proper sourdough bread I visit my local baker Sachin who shares with me his tips on how to make traditional  sourdough bread, the way it should be made and discover bread made the proper way is actually good for us.

Episode Three: The Non Diet Approach I interview accredited practising dietician and nutritionist Louise Heta (nee Falzon) about whether diets are actually doing us more harm than good and discover a way of thinking and eating that everyone can benefit from regardless of your shape or size.

Episode Two: Raw Food My first interview is with Yoko from organic, raw food café Shoko Iku in Melbourne. Yoko shares how to make her incredible raw dessert, Chia Pudding Parfait and I learn why raw food, even just a little bit is good for us.

Episode One: To start my journey I thought I’d ask everyday people what they think is good and bad for them when it comes to our health and nutrition. The answers may surprise you!