Never before have we been so inundated with information about how to be healthy.

We face a constant barrage of different, often conflicting, health messages from various “experts”, health claims are widespread on packaged food and the media is full of the “latest” new food trends and diets promising to be the best thing for you.

Should we really be eating like cavemen, juice cleansing for days, quitting sugar or cutting out carbs?

Yet never before has food and lifestyle related disease like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and some cancers (to name a few) been so prevalent. Research shows that, alarmingly, the main cause of these diseases is simply what we are putting in our mouths – or what we are not.

It seems that with this overload of information, and increase of food and lifestyle related disease, many of us fall into the category of either confused or ‘expert with all of the answers’.

I am by no means a nutritionist, health coach or dietician and I definitely do not claim to be one. Far from it! Instead I find myself to be one of the many who are confused. But in my confusion I am also curious as to know why we have lost touch with our instinctive ability to know what is good for us (without referring to a nutritional label or Google!) and why our food choices are ever increasingly making us sick?

As a Wholehearted Cook, and new mum, I’ve decided to embark on a journey to try and find out what actually is good for us in an attempt to simplify things for us all.

I will keep you updated here as well as on my social media, I would love for you to ask me questions, share your own tips, and get friendly with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Dani x


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Dani Venn is The Wholehearted Cook. She creates whole food dishes that are simple to prepare and that honour the ingredient, our bodies and environment.

Living a Wholehearted life to Dani means living a life full of happiness and contentment, which for her, starts in the kitchen with real food.

Dani is a self-taught cook, most widely known for her time on MasterChef Australia in 2011, where she was a finalist, and again as a MasterChef All Star in 2012.

Since then, Dani has hosted Weekend Feast on Channel Ten, dabbled in breakfast radio with Tommy Little on Nova FM, cooked her way around the country at live food events, created recipes for food companies, catered intimate dinners and large celebrations, and has even cooked for 400 guests in Mumbai! Dani is proud to be an Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia and OARA.

Dani loves what she does, and is committed to exploring and sharing different ways to achieve a Wholehearted life.