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The Wholehearted Wellness Retreat Sri Lanka

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Welcome to your next wellness adventure.
The Wholehearted Wellness Retreat Sri Lanka. 18 – 24 August 2019.

When anyone mentions Sri Lanka, I get the biggest buzz. It’s such a special place. I met my lovely husband there, of course, but Sri Lanka itself also stole a piece of my heart.

All that colonial charm and tea and coconuts and cinnamon and spices. The exotic appeal, the smiling people, the fragrant food – aahhh it’s just divine. The country and its cuisine bring me so many happy memories. The way the roti bread is cooked, how a ‘vegetable curry’ is actually about six different curries in one, the fiery sunsets over the water, the feeling that you are going back in time to a place where time slows down and life takes over… 

And now I get to take you there with me!

REV UP FOR OUR NEW RETREAT: I’m thrilled to announce that in 2019, I’m hosting a luxury Wholehearted Wellness retreat at the exclusive Tri in Sri Lanka.  

It’s a week long holiday where you get to experience authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, daily yoga, sustainable vibes, spiritual serenity and enjoy master cooking and spice classes from yours truly, all in a luxury resort that is second to none. You’ll get to explore local villages and tea plantations, get all sacred in a cacao ceremony, be treated to amazing food and drinks every single day and so much more. View the full itinerary here. 

AND if you haven’t heard of the Tri, you’re going to want to check this beauty out – it’s a tranquil hotel hideaway on the banks of Koggala Lake in southern Sri Lanka and it’s the perfect blend of wellness, luxury, foodie haven, eco-friendly escapism and beachside bliss.

One of the hottest 2019 travel destinations around, Sri Lanka is honestly one of my top 3 places for amazing food and a holiday you’ll never forget. I cannot wait for you to join me there next year! We’re officially open for bookings – yay!

Head here to find out more and to book your place. 

I hope to welcome you as a Wholehearted Wellness Retreatee for 2019, it’s going to be a blast!

Cooking with Britt in Bali at the May retreat. Photo credit: Ironchef Shellie

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