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MCT oil: What is it and why it is good for you?

Dani VennHealth
What’s the deal with MCT oil?

You may have heard whispers about MCT oil and you may be wondering what it is exactly, is it something you should be using and how should you use it?

Until earlier this year I hadn’t heard of MCT oil and didn’t know the first thing about it. But I’ve learnt a lot about it this year as I have been working really closely with the team at Melrose Health and have discovered why it’s a brilliant, clean source of energy that can help you with your mental stamina and physical performance.

I’ll do my best to explain why in the simplest way I can. Which is actually kind of difficult as MCT actually stands for “Medium Chain Triglycerides,” that name itself is a bit of a mouthful! So let’s break it down…

What is MCT?

Melrose MCT oil is derived from 100% organic and sustainable coconut oil from the Philippines. This is important, as there are a few other brands out there that derive their MCT oil from palm oil, which is a big no-no for anyone with an environmental conscious (think endangered orang-utans!). So always look for 100% coconut oil on the label.

Basically, coconut oil is made up of different fatty acids, some are short, medium and long, but it’s the medium chain fatty acids (between C6 – C12) that are especially useful for supporting things like, physical performance, brain functioning, gut health, as well as general health and immunity. So the coconut oil goes through a process called fractioning to extract the MCTs from the coconut oil.

Why are MCTs good for you?

MCTs are used by the body as a source of energy, they are converted into ketones providing instant energy for the cells in your body. Party time! They are not stored as body fat so do not cause weight gain. Using MCT oil as part of a low carb and low sugar diet, like a paleo or keto diet increases the effectiveness ketogenesis, In short – more fat, less carbs and sugar is a good thing.

There are different fatty acids like, C6, C8, C10, and lauric acid C12, that all serve a slightly different purpose in the body, and so Melrose have formulated three types of MCT oil that serve slightly different functions. My personal favourite is “Go For Longer” that contains a mix of C8, C10 and C12.

So stepping away from the science for a bit, how can MCT oil help you in your everyday life?

I have started using MCT oil in the morning and sometimes in the mid afternoon as a clean source of energy to help me with my mental stamina. Others use it before or straight after a work out at the gym, before studying for an important exam, sporting match or just to get through our busy days chasing toddlers and general mum life.

It’s really easy to add it to your morning coffee, or make a Melrose MCT coffee, or even to your smoothie or mixed into something like yoghurt or a chia pudding. It doesn’t have a strong flavour, so you can even just have it straight off the spoon.

I’ve created some pretty yummy and simple keto friendly recipes using MCT including…

Chia Bircher Flax 

Avo Chilli Scramble with Spinach and MCT Oil Pesto 

Lemon and Pistachio Fat Bombs

Maca Mocha Smoothie 

maca mocha mct smoothie


MCT oil can give you an upset tummy if you take too much. So start with a teaspoon and see how you go! Starting with one tablespoon is too much for most people and you may find yourself running to the toilet unexpectedly. Not ideal.

Is MCT for me?

If you feel like you could do with more energy and mental clarity, it’s worth giving it a shot and seeing if you like it.

I seriously think MCT oil is for everyone, even kids, as MCT oil was first used as a way to treat epilepsy in children, and can help with their brain functioning. Just go easy if you are going to give it to your kids and start with even half a teaspoon or less.

There are more studies being commissioned right now about the benefits of using MCT oil for elderly people who suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson’s disease, as MCT oil has anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation of the central nervous system (CNS) is now recognised to be a feature of all neurological disorders, which is a really interesting area of research.

Which Melrose MCT oil is for me?

There are three different Melrose MCT formulations each serving slightly different purpose, they have been formulated in collaboration with Dr Cliff Harvey who is a self confessed super nerd who did his masters research into MCT oil and knows pretty much everything there is to know about MCT. (Also another dead set legend)

MCT Original – Give Me A Kick Start – contains C8 & C10

Pro Plus – Keep Me Going For Longer (My personal fave! Contains C8, 10 & 12)

Pro Rapid – Keep Me Going Faster (coming soon!)

You can find out what suits you best via the Melrose MCT website 

I hope this helps clear things up for you in your mind and if you’re still feeling a little foggy, why not try some MCT oil to clear things up for you?

Jump onto my Instagram or Facebook page if you have any questions as I’d love to help you out!



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