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Packaged food for babies and toddlers has come a loooong way since back in the day! With harmful preservatives and additives thankfully disappearing from most ingredient lists, at least in Australia. But there are still some food companies out there that are doing better than others, even some that are truly smashing it. I’ve put together a short list of my favourite brands that make life a little easier, especially when I have an unbearably hangry toddler in the passenger seat that just can not wait to eat until we get home! You know you’ve been there…

Rafferty’s Garden – for first food

When baby’s first start tasting food from around 4 – 6 months, an iron fortified cereal is a good choice. However I found that some of the cereals out there contain extra things that aren’t really necessary, like fruit juice (sugar) and vegetable oil, even when the package says it’s organic. A great option that I used is Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal, which is made from brown rice, sunflower lecithin and iron to assist with brain and nervous system development.

Baby Bistro – for complete meals 

Baby Bistro is like a little angel sent from heaven, especially for those working parents amongst us that sometimes do not have the time to cook a nutrient dense dinner. Baby Bistro lovingly prepares organic and healthy meals ranging from baby starters (purees) to baby and toddler main meals like beef rissoni, chicken and mushroom risotto, osso bucco and mac and cheese. There are not many brands of baby food I would want to eat myself, but I literally had to stop myself from doing so before giving Harlow her dinner! These meals are perfect for fussy and not so fussy eaters (like me and Harlow) and you can conveniently order them online or purchase from good food retailers. Currently Baby Bistro is only available in Victoria but has plans to go national by the end of the year! Woohoo.

Only Organic – for squeezy pouches

They say all good things come from New Zealand, and I tend to agree. Not because I’m being bias because my fiancée is also a Kiwi! Harlow went through a stage of being obsessed with these squeezy pouches, in fact it’s still hard to walk past them in the supermarket aisle without her asking / screaming for one. Usually I relent just so I can do the shopping in peace! But I find that Only Organic is a top choice. In fact it’s choice as bro. I tend to go for the simple ingredient ones, like Pear, Banana & Apple or Banana, Blueberry & Quinoa or now that Harlow’s a bit older the ‘super food’ options like Coconut, Banana & Acai Smoothie are great too.

Rye Cruskits – for a snack

OK so Cruskits are not exactly baby food but you may have noticed how overpriced ‘snack biscuits’ for babies and toddlers are and how much extra sugary things, like fruit pastes, are added to make them super sweet? This is why I started giving Harlow Rye Cruskits, they are much cheaper and better for her being low in salt and sugar. You can also get gluten-free corn Cruskits that are not a bad choice either.   To be honest, giving some baby-marketed bars like Whole Kids Fruit Bar’s are OK in moderation of course. Those bars actually kept Harlow alive when we travelled to Bali last year. Not even a joke, Air Asia does not have suitable baby food on board! Another great snack that I keep in the car (yes I realise I’m creating bad habits here), are Pure Harvest Rice Cakes or Corn Thins Organic Sesame Cakes, both of these I find sell out in the supermarket quickly so I stock up when I see them! Plus I can enjoy them too.

I hope you found some of my suggestions helpful, of course there are loads of other brands out there and I’d love to hear your tips too! You can share them on my Facebook page or Insta. Peace!

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