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Like many mums, you might be reading this feeling particularly unsexy. You may be tucked away in bed exhausted after a long day chasing after a toddler wearing some old crusty t-shirt from a music festival when you used to have sex for fun. A baby might be sucking on your ever-sagging boobs that used to be objects of desire or you might be thinking to yourself, ‘Should I really wash my hair tomorrow?’ as you run your fingers through your greasy locks.

As difficult as it might be for some mums to feel sexy, myself included, being able to do so is super important for our health because the whole thing about feeling sexy is that it makes you feel good about yourself. When I say ‘sexy,’ I’m not talking about getting dressed up in lingerie that makes you feel like a fish tangled in a net. I’m talking about the little things in life that make the biggest difference to our mindset and will help release those magical endorphins that keep us motivated, happy and preventing us from wanting to stay in our pyjamas eating Tim Tams all day long.

I’ve come up with some simple suggestions that won’t break your bank or tax you of your already depleted energy. I hope they might help you or at least make you laugh…

SPOIL YOURSELF IN THE SHOWER As much as I’d love to say ‘spoil yourself at a day spa,’ let’s get real here. Who the heck has the time and or money to splash out a few hundred bucks for a massage and facial on the reg? Not I. Something much more achievable is investing in some nice, preferably organic, body exfoliate, scrub or masks that contain essential oils which smell amazing and have no nasty chemicals. My mum bought me some Endota Organics for Christmas and I am loving it, but there are so many brands available out there from places like The Lab, or you could even try making your own. Make a deal with your partner that you need 15 minutes (or more) to yourself in the bathroom and allow yourself some time to soak up some peace and quite in the shower or bathtub. I know this sounds simple, but making time out at least once a week to do this will leave your skin and your soul that bit more amazing.

CLEANSE YOUR CLOTHES Imagine going to your wardrobe everyday and having something to wear that makes you feel awesome and eliminates that dreaded question that you ask yourself everyday, ‘what on earth am I going to wear today?’ Your body may have changed shape since having kids but you might be hanging onto things that just don’t fit right anymore and you might be wondering what you should wear without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. The Clothing Cleanse is a personal and inexpensive service that helps women cleanse their wardrobes of unwanted items (like that baggy t-shirt your currently wearing) and helps create a coordinated wardrobe with clothes you already own, making you feel confident and stylish everyday from as little as $60.

INVEST IN A GOOD BRA, OR TWO I’m being a bit hypocritical when I suggest this as I am guilty of wearing the most unflattering, ill-fitting bras that are possibly still marked with breast milk and make me feel like rubbish. So I am making a stand against myself and no longer doing this! A good bra is like a great pair of runners, not necessarily a fashion statement but so damn comfortable and makes you feel like you can take over the world. OK so it might not seem like a “sexy” bra (aka lacy and impractical), but if your boobs are not sagging all over the place, that is sure to make you feel sexier. A nice pair of new knickers might not be out of the question either.

SEND A SEXT Sometimes you need to not take life too seriously, and I bet you if you’re feeling a bit down, sending a sexy text will at least make you LOL! It doesn’t have to be ‘Fifty Shades of Grey-esque’ I’m just talking about something that will make you smile and perhaps make your partner spit out their morning coffee. Doing something unexpected like this (unless your accustomed to receiving dick pics – eww!) will release those happy hormones that might make you more open to feeling sexy vibes.

DON’T FEEL PRESSURE TO FEEL SEXY This probably doesn’t seem like the right point to make in a blog post about how to feel sexy, but what I mean when I say this is don’t make anyone feel like you need to feel sexy in an unrealistic porno way. Feeling sexy shouldn’t be about trying to fit the ideals of what the media portray as sexy – wearing a teddie to bed, spraying on a whipped cream bikini (tried this – doesn’t work!) or doing something that makes you feel like a frumpy fraud. Be more conscious about the things that make you feel good about yourself, like indulging in a romantic movie solo when your babies asleep, or reading Mills & Boon (?!) or going for a run or covering yourself with mud in the great outdoors, whatever it is that gets your juices flowing do these things more regularly and with purpose.

You’ve heard it before but don’t be afraid to put yourself first, because the people around you will benefit from a happier, sexier mumma.  I would love to hear your thoughts on what makes you feel sexy and good about yourself, you can connect with me on Instagram or Facebook!

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