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I have a confession to make until very recently I dreaded opening my pantry. This may come as a surprise to you considering how much I love to cook. But, sadly, my pantry had turned from a place of daily inspiration where ingredients were orderly and easily accessible to a place of complete chaos. This isn’t easy for me to share, because who actually wants to show clutter and mess (or you could call it reality!) in a picture-perfect Instagram world?

Expired jars of sauce were squeezed onto the back of shelves, half opened packets of flours and grains were piled on top of each other and I found no less than six different bottles of cumin. I shudder! This was not a very healthy way to live. So when the lovely Heidi Sze, nutritionist and dietician from one of my favourite food blogs, Apples Under My Bed, came over to help identify the essential ingredients for a healthy pantry, I was more than a little embarrassed. However somewhere wedged in between the freekah and quinoa, I knew the foundations of a great pantry existed, it was just hard to envisage! You can see why….

Pantry Mess
That’s one unhappy pantry, full of goodness but what a mess!


Thankfully Heidi had seen it all before and was not perturbed by my pantry. In fact she saw it as more of a challenge and quite enjoyed fossicking through the muddle to discover diamonds in the rough. Heidi pulled out the wholesome heroes of my pantry, things like whole grains, nuts, spices, raw sweeteners, oils, vinegars and some fishy condiments! I’d love for you to join our chat in my latest video as Heidi explains what must-have basics you need to have in your pantry to help you cook healthier and be happier. At least in your kitchen anyway! I would love to hear your thoughts on feedback, make sure to leave a comment here or across any of my social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy, Dani x

PS: You will be happy to know that since Heidi’s visit I have detoxed my pantry and I feel a million times more motivated to prepare meals and create recipes with a pantry I enjoy opening. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference!

Pantry Clean

PPS: Even though Heidi is about to pop out a little bubba she is available for pantry and health consultations. You can find out more through Gather and Grow Nutrition.

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