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Some people believe that life is a predetermined series of events, that our destiny is mapped out for us and that there is nothing we can do to change our fate. I’m not sure whether I would take it that far, but I do like to think that there is a higher power or energy that attracts us to certain people or places, which steers us in a certain direction or takes us on a different path. I know this all sounds a bit spiritual and ‘hippy’-ish but hear me out…

When I started on my Wholehearted journey I opened up my heart and mind and trusted that I would meet fellow like-minded individuals who would share their knowledge and expertise with me, and so far, I have been overwhelmed with generosity and support from the people I have met and who I have shared this project with. This includes you, so THANKYOU!

But it was during my very first interview with Yoko from Shoko Iku that I knew I was on the right path when a chance encounter with her vegetable supplier, Farmer Robbie from Somerset Heritage Produce, introduced me to the world of organic farming and I was completely blown away! Farmer Robbie very willingly obliged to be interviewed off the cuff and our candid conversation is one of the most important and revealing on my journey thus far.

In my latest video Farmer Robbie describes the differences between organic and conventional farming in a way that is simple, authentic and just makes so much sense without sounding preachy! What really strikes me about Farmer Robbie is his genuine care for people, our health and our environment. As a farmer he takes great pride in the produce he and his team grows, just an hour out of Melbourne in Seymour, as he believes he has a responsibility to provide produce that is nutritious, healthy and safe to eat. His approach to farming is nothing new, in fact it’s exactly the same way the earth has fed humans for thousands of years before we decided to pump synthetic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides into our soil during World War Two, which hasn’t stopped since.

I recently asked people on my Facebook page what words they thought of when they think of ‘organic fruit and vegetables,’ overwhelmingly the majority of people responded saying ‘expensive’, followed by ‘tasty/flavour,’ ‘good for health’ and ‘fresh’. I agree that organic vegetables can be more expensive, but perhaps we should be asking ourselves how are conventionally farmed vegetables produced so cheaply?  Anyone that has grown their own veggies knows the hard yakka that goes into producing just one crop of tomatoes or stalk of broccoli. I asked Farmer Robbie what he would say to people who thought that organic produce is too expensive to purchase, his response might help you change the way you shop and eat!

I’d really love for you to take a few minutes to watch this video to get yourself acquainted with Farmer Robbie and his food and farming philosophies. You never know, it might take you down a different path you never expected. Enjoy…Dani x

PS: There is much more organic goodness to follow in the coming weeks as I journey to Seymour to visit his farm in the coming weeks to “get dirty with the earth!”



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