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Dani VennVeggie

I often hear the excuse that people don’t have time to cook from scratch, instead finding themselves resorting to packaged processed food, takeaway or even fast food, leaving them feeling guilty and ‘unhealthy’. Feeling guilty after eating is a terrible way to live, but sadly many of us don’t make cooking, and in turn our health, a priority.

Everybody knows that a homemade meal is better for you, and your wallet, than something premade but with more and more quick-fix meal options available for you to defrost in the microwave or get delivered to your door, it’s worrying that cooking for oneself is on the decline for busy people.

But it need not be! I find that being organised and planning meals ahead is key. I know that this may all sound very Martha Stewart Domestic Goddess like, but life is so much better when you have the ingredients in your fridge ready to whip out for your next meal as it eliminates that nagging question that most people dread, ‘what am I going to have for dinner?’ And with winter just around the corner its also the perfect time of year to slow cook and batch freeze so that you have something wholesome already prepared when you get home or that you can simply defrost.

But I find that lunch is the trickiest meal for me. When there are no dinner leftovers to reheat, I tend to want to put something together super fast that sustains me for the afternoon rather than cook. So I’ve put together a recipe that requires minimal fuss but a teeny bit of planning ahead and is a perfect solution for your ‘what to eat at lunch time?’ dilemma.

This recipe is very adaptable to the seasons or whatever veggies you might have rotting away in your fridge! I find that cooking a big batch of wholegrains, like brown rice, quinoa or if you’re feeling experimental sorghum (all found in health food aisles and shops), to keep stored in the fridge is ideal, as well as some free range hard boiled eggs, so that you can easily pull a meal together. Grating raw vegetables is probably one of the simplest cooking techniques that anyone who can hold a grater can do. I find carrot, beetroot, zucchini, cabbage and cucumber all works well raw, especially with a light homemade dressing.

When it comes to pantry staples, a jar of tahini as well as a bottle of sesame oil is essential. Tahini is pure sesame seeds ground down to a paste and it’s fantastic to add to salad dressings, homemade dips, stir-fry’s and or as a rub on meat. For this recipe I’ve paired tahini with miso paste to make a salad dressing, which is an umami mouth explosion. Best of all you can keep this dressing in your fridge for ages and add easily it to salads and stir fries for a flavour boost, sans all the nasty preservatives often found with pre-bought salad dressings.

This recipe proves that with minimal effort and time you can still cook a yummy homemade meal for yourself! Enjoy, Dani.



Serves 1 for lunch at work

Takes about 10 minutes to prepare (if you’ve cooked some rice!)

Number of ingredients 10 (but you can add more or less!)


Adapt the ingredients according to what is available to you!

1 – 2 cups cooked brown rice (cook more to keep in the fridge – see above!)

½ carrot, grated (keep skin on)

½ beetroot, grated (keep skin on)

Handful of kale, roughly chopped

½ sheet dried nori, cut into thin strips with scissors

2 tablespoons of seeds like sunflower and pepitas

1 hard-boiled egg


¼ cup hulled tahini

¼ cup miso paste

1 tablespoon sesame oil

Water, to dilute


To make the dressing, add tahini, miso paste and sesame oil in a bowl and stir together well. The dressing will be thick and overpowering in taste, add a few tablespoons of water to loosen, taste dressing and add more water if you think it needs it.

Reheat brown rice if you have it stored in your fridge, add a few tablespoons of dressing and mix well. Place rice in large bowl.

Top rice with grated veggies, eggs, seeds and seaweed, drizzle over more dressing and eat!


  • Brown rice will keep stored in the fridge for up to four days in a sealed container
  • Dressing will keep for a month in a sealed container
  • Be experimental and add your own additions to this salad – apple, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, salad greens, celery – would all work super well!


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