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Dani VennHealth

This past week has been all about the absolute gem of a woman that is Lola Berry. If you have missed out on watching Lola teaching me (and you!) some simple yoga moves that most people would benefit from doing everyday as well why her new book, The Happy Cookbook, truly rocks please take a moment to catch up here.

In the next part of our chat together I quiz Lola on mindful eating and how you can truly be in the present moment and get the most out of cooking and eating. I also ask about her paleo inspired diet, find out why it isn’t for everyone, plus get Lola’s tips on how to live a wholehearted life!I hope that you enjoy and I would LOVE to hear your tips on how you live a wholehearted life. Please leave me a comment or catch up with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy…Dani

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