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When I started my wholehearted journey I set out to meet authentic, passionate and happy people that are doing what they love and inspiring those around them to live a healthier life. With these things in mind it was a given that the effervescent Lola Berry was one of the first people on my list!

Lola is a self-confessed health nut and food nerd whose radiant energy and zest for like dazzles like a glittery mermaids tail! Lola is also a nutritionist, yoga instructor and has published four books in the last five years, the latest being my personal favourite, ‘The Happy Cookbook’. With her broad Aussie accent and quirky quips, Lola is as dinky-di as they come! It doesn’t come as a surprise that Steve Irwin is one of her heroes and that she was inspired by him to become Australia’s leading health warrior.

Lola Berry’s latest book ‘The Happy Cookbook’ is out now at all good bookstores.

What I love about Lola’s latest cookbook, apart from the fabulous recipes, is that she reveals to readers that her health and life, like all of us, has not been perfect in the past. I almost breathed a sigh of relief when I read that Lola has been through some shitty things like depression and emotional eating issues, not because I was glad that Lola had been through these things but because here is a gorgeous, strong, courageous woman openly revealing things about herself that a lot of us can relate to but might be afraid to talk about. I sincerely want to thank Lola for opening up the way she has to help all of us realize we are all just humans and we are all in this life together. In her book Lola has included some simple ways we can turn a negative into something positive and to improve our overall wellbeing, things like getting enough sleep, mindfully eating and practising yoga (or “yogs” as she lovingly calls it!)

I recently caught up with Lola at Rise Yoga Richmond to learn some simple and achievable everyday poses that will help you to de-stress, clear your mind and give your body a good stretch when you only have a few minutes free.

As you may know, Lola and I love a good chinwag so much so that the interview went for much longer than intended so here for you today is the first installment! Lola describes yoga as being a gift she gives herself and a gift that she shares with others, I feel so grateful to be passing this gift onto you.

Please stay tuned as next week when I chat with Lola about mindful eating. Enjoy lovelies…Dani x

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