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Dani VennHealth, Plant Based Vegan, Veggie

Breaking bread and eating it is one of the oldest things us humans have been doing since we have been able to crush grain with a mortar and pestle, which apparently goes back about 30,000 years. Traditionally bread has provided sustenance and good health but alarmingly in the last 100 or so years something terribly wrong started happening to our daily bread.

Bread has changed from something that is naturally nutritious and contains few ingredients, to a mass produced product made from highly refined ingredients that have been stripped of their nutritional value – so much so that some vitamins are now added back into commercial loaves of bread because they have been taken out during the processing of the flour.

It is not surprising then that a lot of people have become scared of bread considering it an unhealthy choice or difficult for the body to digest. But bread has been a staple in our diet for thousands of years and it would be a crying shame to stop dipping it in olive oil and eating it now. But we need to eat the right type of bread, just like we did for the last 29,900 years before we quickened proving times (which makes it hard to digest) and started adding things that we can’t pronounce into our bread.

Fortunately the fine art of baking a healthy loaf has not been lost! There has been resurgence in people wanting to buy bread made by hand using traditional methods and thankfully there are many bakers out there doing just that. I recently met up with my local baker, Sachin, in St Andrews who creates artisan organic sourdough loaves and who shared with me his secrets for making the most divine bread, the way it should be made.

I’d love for you to share your favourite place to buy proper traditional bread or if you’ve given bread the flick try giving it a second chance. Enjoy.. Dani x


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