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I’ve never been a big dieter but like most people I’ve dabbled. I did the 12 Week Body Transformation for six weeks, “I Quit Sugar” for maybe three, and stupidly went through a Celebrity Slim (shake meal replacement) phase but fortunately that only lasted a week. It’s not that I’ve ever been terribly unhappy with my figure or my weight but in the past I have wanted to loose that “last 5kg”, which is something I know a lot of people are striving for, and have been doing so for many years, when in reality it might not be something your body wants to do.

Every time I’ve started one of these diets it’s the same pattern, you start off well and often you loose weight as its your bodies natural shock reaction and you feel a sense of achievement. Then you slip up, feel guilty, often finding yourself binging or purging and then after a period of time you give up altogether and go back to normal eating, which for me was never that unhealthy in the first place.

What seems to be unhealthy is the viscous and unsustainable cycle that dieting creates as well as carrying with you the roller coaster of emotions that come with it, feelings of elation, guilt, deprivation, shame and anxiety. These things then affect others areas of your life like your self-esteem and relationships.

Of course diets are big business and not at all marketed like this, they apparently solve all of your problems and result in life changing weight loss which rarely actually happens. Just think of how many people you know who’ve started a diet and have had life changing weight loss and not put it back on again? (The people on the Biggest Loser or Jenny Craig ads do not count!) I’m sure that you can count them on one hand.

I recently met up with accredited dietician and nutritionist Louise Heta to ask her expert opinion on dieting and if its really good for us? Louise introduced me to a concept that I hadn’t heard of, the Non Diet Approach, which is exactly as the name suggests, it’s not a diet but for me it really is a revelation. It starts simply with listening to your own body and its signals, something a lot of us don’t know how to do properly or have lost touch with after childhood.

I wondered why I hadn’t heard of this concept before but then realised it was probably because the Non Diet Approach isn’t about selling you something, it doesn’t come delivered to your door in microwavable packages or in the form of a meal replacement shake, it doesn’t make you count calories and be afraid of real food, it doesn’t even have a celebrity ambassador flogging it. Instead its about eating mindfully, getting to know your own body again and being happy in your own skin and that’s something everyone can benefit from regardless of your shape or size.

I really hope that you will join me in watching my interview with Louise as it might just change your life and outlook on dieting for the better. I would love to hear your feedback as well as your thoughts on dieting, your successes and failures and what you think about the Non Diet Approach. Please leave your comments below or visit my Facebook page. Enjoy, Dani x

PS: If you are interested in meeting with Louise for a consultation you can get in touch with her at A Team Diet and Training (but as you can see Louise is about to give birth so is on maternity leave at the moment!) If you are interested in further reading here are some interesting blog posts and articles I’ve found about the Non Diet Approach.


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